This site will help you:

Step 1 - Is HP active on this device?

Click the button to the left:

** NB - some schools have what is called an IP turnoff to deliberately disable HomeProtect when in school so if you have chosen this option, you will need to test on a non-school network

Step 2 - Check some key categories

There are many categories to choose from (to see them all, your key personnel have access to the administration portal), but to help you with your regular checks, click one or some of the buttons below to see if the page is accessible or not (and compare that with your plan, e.g. many schools allow games/social media, but you may not; no school should allow adult content or proxies).

Your school administrators  can make any necessary changes if you find things are not as you expect.

Social Media

(note this category does not include YouTube)

Step 3 - Look at the block page

On one of the block pages you got to in Step 1 or 2, click the 'Technical Details' button to make sure the device is in the correct 'Active filter group policy'. Your technical team can advise on this but it might say Pupils/KS2/ etc.

To find out more about HomeProtect filtering or to sign up to start using it, visit https://homeprotect.lgfl.net